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Dem Caucus Leader: 'There's Too Many Guns in the World Today'

The vice chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, who’s helping lead a push for stricter weapons regulations, said he just believes “there’s too many guns in the world today.”


“This country, 300 million plus guns in this country alone,” Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-N.Y.) said on CNN this morning.

“You know, we’re moving the focus and direction against — basically the NRA. And focusing on what it can do to get these weapons off our streets. What we can do to get these magazines out of the hands of criminals and people who want to do bad things with them,” Crowley said. “And the focus now is about society as a whole and, you know, the — what we’re exposed to that causes us to do the things that we do.”

He admitted, though, that even “if we pass that, we would still have incidents that take place.”

“Where the leadership is coming from? Right now, the leadership is coming from a state like New York. We had Governor Cuomo lay out a plan yesterday, 7-point plan that was dealing with mental illness, is dealing with access issues,” Crowley said.

Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.), a longtime gun-control advocate whose district now includes Columbine High School, said on MSNBC last night that she’s “never seen such a deep sense of outrage and a deep sense of commitment to doing something.”


“People who I’ve been talking to, they can’t understand why you would need an assault rifle or why you need one of these assault magazines to go out hunting. I mean, a magazine that holds 30 or 100 rounds. You’re not going to use that to shoot a deer. You’re either going to use that for target practice or to shoot people,” she said.

“And frankly, the slight inconvenience to target hunters to have to reload that magazine is so slight that I think most Americans agree things like that need to be limited.”

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