Piers Morgan is a Ratings Machine (Not)

The Alex Jones* petition to deport CNN talking head Piers Morgan has gathered more than 100,000 signatures. Someone should check those names because several may be CNN executives. The latest ratings are out, and despite all the attention Morgan has gotten from ranting against our Second Amendment, his ratings are in the mud.


The smug Brit, who was fired several years back at the UK’s Daily Mirror for smearing British troops fighting in Afghanistan, is not only losing out to Fox’s Sean Hannity. He is not only losing out to Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. Piers Morgan is losing out to Weekend Mysteries, which airs on CNN’s Headline News channel.

Have you seen Weekend Mysteries? It’s an unwatchable mess. But it’s beating the full-of-himself, priggish redcoat** gun-grabber fop Piers Morgan.

*Alex Jones is a Truther nutbag.

**Not all British are redcoats, not even most, not even a large number. But Piers Morgan is.


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