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The Chicago Quagmire, and Other Midday Headlines

Chicago, IL, home of the president and some of the most stringent gun control laws in the nation, passed its 500th homicide of the year this week. Clearly, it’s a quagmire and we should pull out and write it off. It can’t be saved. (Warning: annoying video autoplay at the link.)


Hobby Lobby’s owners say they will defy the Obama government’s edict commanding them to provide abortifacients to their workers. Howard Kurtz taught us that it’s ok to defy laws as long as your heart is pure, so everything should work out just fine.

Tom Friedman may just fall in love: China is launching the world’s longest high-speed rail train.

President Obama just broke the federal pay freeze, handing the vice president, members of Congress and others on the federal payroll raises, even while the nation grapples with the spending crisis and the fiscal cliff.

Here are the top local news bloopers of 2012, proving that local news is mostly good for the laughs and that it’s mostly run by degenerates. Content warning for swearing and innuendo. The “cool pop” lady, by the way, should not be considered a blooper. She’s a treasure.


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