Obama Expected to Nominate John Kerry for Secretary of State (Update: Nomination Done)

So it turns out that Barack Obama used a woman of color and her problems with Benghazi to set the stage for a rich white man to become the first Caucasian head of the State Department since Warren Christopher. The president is expected to name Sen. John Kerry, who by the way served in Vietnam, to succeed outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is said to be suffering from a bout of gingivitis and cannot testify on her own role in the Libya debacle, which left four Americans dead.


Had the president and his inner circle chosen Kerry to carry the administration’s message after the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya to the Sunday talk shows — it was a movie’s fault! — Kerry would not be the nominee. But the administration chose Ambassador Susan Rice to carry that message, though as Obama himself has admitted, she had nothing to do with any of the decisions that led up to the attack.

Kerry’s greatest hits include smearing Americans fighting against communism in Vietnam as marauders who engaged in war crimes “in a fashion reminiscent of Jenjis Khan.” He is also believed to have tossed his military medals over a fence in protest of the Vietnam war. He is known to have participated in mock military raids on the US Capitol in Washington during his Vietnam protest days, raids he wrote about in his book The New Soldier, a very difficult to find book of which I do have a digital copy. Below is a scan from it.

Kerry’s radicalism did not end in his youth; he declared that US troops serving in Iraq are uneducated rubes whom American schoolkids should not emulate.

But even with this past of saying and doing highly inappropriate things, the Senate will confirm Kerry and he will become America’s top diplomat.


Hippies everywhere will rejoice.

Scan from The New Soldier, by John F. Kerry

Update: In brief remarks this afternoon, President Obama nominated Sen. John Kerry to become the next Secretary of State. Obama predicted that Kerry would gain “swift” confirmation, an interesting choice of words. Kerry said very little at the quick press avail, which is unusual of a nominee of such a powerful cabinet post. On his way out, the president ignored a press question about the status of the fiscal cliff standoff.

Perhaps he will dispatch his new top diplomat to speak with Republicans.


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