It's a Medical Miracle! Hillary Clinton Will Testify on Benghazi

On Twitter, Kelly O’Donnell of NBC reports that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton now says that she will testify on Benghazi.


The news comes after her hand chosen Accountability Review Board released its report on the attack, which left four Americans dead. The report revealed three key findings:

1. That al Qaeda is not, in fact, dead yet.

2. That there was no protest of any kind leading up to the assault.

3. That “systemic failures” led to the lack of appropriate security at the consulate.

The report did not address another critical question: Who made the decision to blame a movie, and how did they arrive at that decision?

Clinton had earlier declined to testify, then agreed to testify, before the State Department floated the possibility that the report would not even be ready and that Clinton herself had no legal obligation to testify. After that, news broke that due to an illness, Clinton had fainted and hit her head, sustaining a concussion that forced her to fail to testify this week.

There is no date set for Clinton’s testimony in January. By that point, America will be focused on the inauguration and the NFL playoffs and any number of other things including who might replace Clinton at State, since she is stepping down. There is every possibility that her exit will provide her the opportunity to escape having to testify, again.


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