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Texas Democrat Calls for Shooting NRA, Supporters

In the wake of Friday’s horrific killings in Newtown, CT, Texas Democrat John Cobarruvias tweeted the following, according to Eric Dondero.

Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?


He has since removed the tweet and apologized, but the apology may not be heartfelt. Later on December 14, he tweeted that the NRA is to blame.

Describing the NRA as a “domestic terrorist organization” equates them with the likes of the KKK, which was once the most effective Democratic Party domestic terrorist organization in existence.

He also tweeted:

It may be news to Mr. Cobarruvias that Americans don’t support the Second Amendment because the NRA supports it. They support the NRA because the NRA supports the Second Amendment.

Now, you may be asking yourself who John Cobarravius even is. He runs a Houston-area left wing blog, Bay Area Houston. He is a Harris County Democratic Party Precinct Chairman, which is an elected position. He is also a member of the Texas Democratic Party’s Executive Committee, elected to that position from District 11. As a member of the Texas State Democratic Executive Committee, he is in a position to influence his party’s strategies, finances and legislative agenda.


His call for the shooting of anyone who supports the NRA includes Texas’ governor, both of its senators, all of its other statewide officials and most elected members of the state’s legislature. His public threat against so many elected officials could constitute a terroristic threat.

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