Another Mass Murder in Gun Free Zone

By now, you’re probably aware that at least 26 people, including 18 children, were murdered today at Newtown, Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School.

This tragedy happened despite the school district implementing new a “new safety policy designed to prevent situations such as what happened on Friday.” These new protocols included:

  • Locking exterior doors during the day.
  • Visitors required to ring the doorbell and register at the office.
  • Photo ID required if staff didn’t recognize you.

There was no provision for training and arming teachers and qualified parents. This was wishful thinking, assuming that everybody was “nice” and that an insane person bent on publicity would behave by the rules.

As with nearly all mass murders, this occurred in a gun-free zone. The shooter was breaking the law as soon as he carried a firearm onto school property. He broke the law as soon as he aimed a gun at his first victim, even had he never pulled the trigger.

School-zone mass shootings didn’t begin until after passing Clinton’s Gun Free Schools Act. (There were prior mass murders, but explosives were used to kill 38 children.)

The victims were given a pretty security blankie to suckle on, being told to go back to sleep and feel good that the school “cared” enough to enhance their security protocols with no need to acknowledge that the real world is a dangerous place. Bad people are running around at large, some of them calling themselves public servants. Bad things happen to good people. Deal with it by claiming your God-given right to life. Arm yourself. Train like your life—or your family or community—depends on it. Be awake in public. That’s what being part of the militia is all about.


The next time some two-legged sheep or posturing predator uses such tragedies to bleat that more gun control will make us safer, place the blame on the tool creating these mass murders: Government that promises to keep us safe, yet fails to do so every day. Government that demands we pay taxes for all these feel-good “safety policies,” but after taking money from hard-working taxpayers, turns around and tells us they are not obligated, in the final analysis, to save our lives.

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