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Harry Reid's Senate to Screen 'Lincoln' During Fiscal Cliff Crisis

Perhaps Dana Milbank can stop trashing a private citizen long enough to note that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is wasting the Senate’s time during a major crunch time.

In an interview with his home state newspaper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid let slip that after watching Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln as part of a small group President Barack Obama invited to the White House, he has invited the director to screen the film about the first GOP chief executive for all the senators—Democrats and Republicans, as well as their spouses.

The Senate Democrats’ leader first saw two-time Oscar-winner Daniel Day-Lewis’ stunning portrayal of Lincoln along with the movie’s cast and crew at the White House and since has seen it again. He said he found Lincoln’s efforts to pass the 13th Amendment to the Constitution abolishing slavery a true-to-life dramatization of what still occurs in Congress.

“For me, that’s what I do,” Reid told columnist Norm Clarke in an exclusive interview that appeared in the Las Vegas paper over the weekend.

Laughing out loud at that one. Harry Reid, you’re no Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln did things; Reid stops things from happening. Like, federal budgets. And votes on the president’s fiscal cliff offer.

Pols who do decide to attend the screening can look forward to seeing the 16th president drop f-bombs.