CA Teachers' Union Releases Video Showing 'The Rich' Peeing on 'The Poor'

The following video is titled “Tax the Rich: An American Fairy Tale.” It’s a piece of propaganda worthy of Goebbels, though without the subtlety of such a thug.


Hollywood actor Ed Asner, who is rich, reads the narration, in which he repeatedly accuses rich people of not caring about anyone else and therefore not paying their fair share of taxes. The video uses the “99%” language of the Occupy movement. It culminates in this scene, which depicts “the rich” urinating on “the poor,” as a means of criticizing the “trickle down” economics that helped fuel the longest period of economic expansion in our nation’s history, back in the 1980s and 1990s.

After accusing the rich of all manner of sins, the video defends every perk that the teachers’ unions have squeezed out of California’s taxpayers.

There are literally no facts presented in the video in a fair way. The video never deals with the fact that the top one percent of wage earners in the United States pay about 33% of all the income taxes, and the top five percent pay more than half of all the taxes. The poor reasoning and dishonesty in the video are made worse by the fact that it was created, evidently, by teachers. By the people who are educating your children and mine.

No wonder our schools are failing, and no wonder the teachers’ unions fight so hard to keep any teacher from ever getting fired for any reason.


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