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It Turns Out that Jovan Belcher Might Not Have Been a Very Nice Guy After All

But it was the “gun culture’s” fault that he committed murder-suicide, of course.

On April 1, 2006, Belcher suffered a serious cut on his hand when the then-freshman punched out a window in a ground-floor door at Androscoggin Hall on the UMaine campus, according to university police Sgt. Scott Curtis, who reported, “I was told that Belcher was upset over a girl.”

Ten months later, Belcher was the subject of a dormitory noise complaint. According to a police report, a student in Gannett Hall called police about the raised voices of Belcher and his girlfriend as they had “a discussion outside his room.”

UMaine officials on Monday released four police reports about Belcher, saying three of them were not found over the weekend because his name was spelled wrong and the wrong birthdate appeared in the incident reports.

One report — a request by Belcher to be let into a building — was found during an inquiry Saturday evening by the Bangor Daily News.

The 2006 window-punching incident resulted in what the police report termed “a possible severed thumb and lacerations to the wrist.”

So, maybe he was a hothead in 2006. But not before then, right? Wrong. He was going thug as early as the age of 12, according to a man who called in to a talk radio show yesterday and said he knew the young Belcher.

But…but…he was supposedly concerned that Kasandra Perkins had been out too late the night before her murder. He was concerned about their daughter, right?

Eh, not so much.

He was playing the field.

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher had a boozy dinner with another woman and spent the night at her apartment before he went home, fought with and killed his girlfriend, and then ended his own life in a practice-facility parking lot, sources said yesterday.

After dinner and drinks Friday night at a local tavern, the former Long Island high-school star took the woman, Brittni Glass, to her home, but spent the next several hours asleep in his Bentley outside her building, neighbors said.

After cops roused him from his drunken slumber at about 2:30 a.m., Belcher went inside Glass’ building and re-emerged about four hours later.

“I was with him that night, that’s it,” a reluctant Glass told The Post yesterday.

Such a manly man was Jovan Belcher. He even belonged to a group dedicated to ending violence against women and everything.

At least he kissed Kasandra and apologized to her, after he shot her nine times.