Egypt's Highest Court Buckles to Morsi's Putsch

Iran 2.0 in the making. Look, when you elect a Jimmy Carter, you get the results that are typical of a Jimmy Carter. Weak economy at home, enemies on the rise abroad. The Soviets probably regret that they didn’t stick around long enough to see the Obama government turn the old CCCP’s fortunes around.


The High Constitutional Court (HCC) declared on Sunday it will freeze all its sessions indefinitely in protest of pressure exerted upon it by supporters of President Mohamed Morsi who gathered outside the court building earlier the same day.

The press statement released by the court Sunday morning condemned the “lies” circulated by the pro-Morsi protesters and their campaign to “taint the court’s image” and “twist the truth”.

The HCC’s decision comes after it was pushed to postpone its decisions on the constitutionality of Egypt’s Shura Council (upper house of parliament) and the Constituent Assembly after supporters of the president surrounded the court.

Hundreds of pro-Morsi demonstrators gathered at the HCC late Saturday as the draft constitution was officially presented to the president by the head of the constitution-drafting body, to demonstrate against the courts expected verdict on the two bodies, which could see both dissolved.


How long before Morsi declares himself ayatollah?

Actually, he won’t do that largely because it would be a little too obvious. He needs to maintain a fig leaf of secularism. He’ll declare himself president of the People’s Islamic Republic of Egypt or some such and see to it that the Muslim Brotherhood’s grip on power is permanent, and the “republic” is every bit as legitimate as the ones in China, North Korea, etc.


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