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The Most Outrageous and Disgusting Photo Caption Contest Ever

This painting called “The Truth” by Michael D’Antuono is our most outrageous photo caption contest ever.

Here is an explanation from The Boston Globe website:

A painting that was removed from an art installation in New York City because of public backlash is now on display at the Bunker Hill Community College Art Gallery, sparking outrage as well as an outpouring of support for the artist. The portrait depicts President Obama as Jesus, wearing a Crown of Thorns with his arms outstretched.

Michael D’Antuono’s painting, which is called ‘The Truth,’ is part of a larger exhibit ‘Artists on the Stump: The Road to the White House 2012.’ According to the gallery’s website, the exhibition is an opportunity for artists to ‘weigh in on the issues, candidates and country.’

“Some of our shows are meant to be thought provoking,” said Karen Norton, spokeswoman for Bunker Hill Community College. “The exhibit was intended to coincide with the presidential election, and it represents different points of view pertaining to politics and our political leaders.”

So now Tatler readers have an opportunity to weigh in with “different points of view pertaining to politics and our political leaders” and caption this painting in an appropriate manner.

My personal opinion is that the above named painter will experience a very hot climate at the end of his days.

Due to the absurd nature of this image, we are suspending normal contest rules of civility and decorum which means just go for it!

The contest winner will receive many blessings from my experienced, professional team of personal guardian angels.