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Oregon Man Uses Pics of Scantily-Clad Tatted-Up Woman to Sell His Car. The Woman is His Daughter.

I’m thinking that this may be the creepiest story I’ve seen in a while. If this is where our culture is or is going, we’re beyond saving until the rapture or the Sweet Meteor of Death finally strikes.

No one would dispute the old adage ‘sex sells’, though some may voice concerns when the ‘sex’ part of the deal involves the seller’s scantily-clad young daughter.

In a bid to sell his vintage car on eBay, Kim Ridley, from Oregon, decided to enlist the help of his 20-year-old daughter Lexxa – by getting her to pose provocatively with, and on, the car so he could upload them to his eBay site.

More than a dozen images show the tattooed, pierced-lip, bottle blonde leaning over the Z-Series, some with a birds-eye-view shot of either her cleavage or butt cheeks – which are just about covered with a pair of black panties.

Yeah. Her name is Lexxa. Two x’s. You can see the pics at the link. They’re…odd. Considering that she’s his daughter.

Father of the Year had a sanguine attitude when questioned about his choice.

‘If I felt bad about it, I wouldn’t do it.’

Sociopaths everywhere nod in agreement.

Father of the Year was even cool when one prospective buyer compared Lexxa to a porn model.

Under the ‘Questions and Answers about this item’ category, one user asked: ‘Does buying the car include a free “ride” with the porn star ?’ to which Mr Ridley says: ‘Nice way to talk about my daughter!!!! But sure———-!!!! Hit the buy it now!!’

I repeat: She is his daughter.