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TSA Inspector Allegedly Exposes 17-Year-Old's Breasts During Airport Inspection

The 17-year-old girl was wearing a sun dress, and was flying with a youth group to a mission trip. Her reward for doing good work — public humiliation at the hands of the government. She must be attractive, because from everything I’ve seen, TSA agents tend to profile attractive women as the most dangerous and vile terrorists among us.

I saw it happen once when I was sending my family off on an international trip at Dulles. TSA was allowing everyone through without a hitch, until they came to the only gorgeous tall blonde female in the line. Evidently the TSA agents’ latest intelligence called for keeping a close eye on hot 20-somethings in tight outfits who look like they’re either going snowboarding or have just come off the slopes. She got the up close second inspection that literally no one else in line was getting while I was there that day. Ansar al-Snowbunnies must have issued a fatwa that week.

Back to our 17-year-old. There aren’t a lot of details, but the TSA’s finest apparently exposed the girl’s breasts — “frontal nudity” is the phrase that’s used to describe what happened. We would probably know nothing about it if not for the fact that she is the grand-niece of Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX). Hall says the officer should be fired, but if the officer were not part of a government apparatus that has been empowered to molest Americans as the price of air travel, said agent would be facing charges as a sex offender. The girl is a minor. The agent or agents involved should be looking at life as registered sex offenders. But government officials and agencies are getting beyond the reach of the laws that oppress the rest of us. Just see how EPA chief Lisa Jackson has created a fake personna to skirt federal disclosure laws. She ought to be facing hearings and jail for breaking the law. But the fact is, our government has slipped its leash and is becoming the enemy of freedom.

Just consider: You don’t really own anything. Pay off your home mortgage, fine, but dare to not pay your perpetual property taxes and you’ll find out how secure your ownership really is. Pay off your car in full, but dare to drive it without the proper papers (inspection sticker or road tax cert or whatever wherever you live requires) and you’ll see that you own the car for liability purposes but otherwise the state really controls it. TSA proves that we don’t really even own our bodies. If they decide to molest or humiliate you, there’s little you can do to stop it.

About the only good that can come of this is if Hall gets on the right committee in the House and starts the good work of taking TSA down as an agency. It should never have been built. It’s out of control. It needs to be disbanded.