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Egypt's Prime Minister Meets with Hamas in Gaza

The old Egypt tended to tell Palestinian terrorists to pipe down when they started attack Israeli civilians. The new post-Arab Spring Egypt encourages terrorists when they’re attacking Israeli civilians.

Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil paid a solidarity visit to Gaza on Friday, amid ongoing rocket attacks on Israel by Palestinian terror groups and Israeli airstrikes on terror targets.

Sent personally by President Mohammed Morsi to lead a high-ranking Egyptian delegation aimed at tending to the immediate needs of Gaza residents, Kandil crossed into Gaza heavily guarded by Egyptian security personnel wearing flak jackets and carrying assault rifles.

He was greeted by Gaza’s Hamas prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, who ventured out in public for the first time since Israel launched the offensive Wednesday by assassinating the militant group’s military commander.

During a joint press conference, Haniyeh told reporters that “this historic visit will lead to the improvement of conditions for the people of Gaza. It will be impossible from now on to view the situation in Gaza as disconnected from the region.

“The message to the West and to the United States is that they must act in order to stop this bloodshed,” Haniyeh added.

Oh, the United States could certainly act to stop the terrorists from shedding Israeli blood. But the United States under Obama will not.

On January 1, unless Washington acts to stop sequestration, the United States’ military will swiftly draw down to a rump of its present power. The war we’re seeing get underway in Israel is only the beginning of the tribulations ahead. Only the beginning.

But on the other hand, we’ve still got those free birth control pills and we’re awash in Obama phones. So, yay!