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Other than Raising Taxes, Killing Jobs and Undermining Health Care, ObamaCare is Just Awesome!

According to Betsy McCaughey, ObamaCare’s permanence will raise the cost of hourly workers by $1.79 per hour for full-timers. Employers’ solutions will range from firing people to opting not to cover them and pay the very special ObamaCare fines, which themselves add about a buck an hour. ObamaCare also includes a tax on people in certain income brackets who sell their homes. How selling your home relates to health care was never spelled out to the public, mostly because the “strong majority” that passed the law never even read the damn thing. But not to worry, the 3.8 percent tax only hits if you make a profit selling your home. In the depressed post-CRA housing market, hardly anyone is able to get what they paid for their home, much less make a profit. If you own a second home, for business purposes or fun or whatever, and try selling it — hahahaha you’re screwed.

If you lose your insurance coverage, which about a third of American workers are likely to in 2014, you can either buy a government-approved plan or pay a fine. If you do neither, the IRS will withhold whatever tax refund you might have otherwise expected.

Oh, and the government now gets to busybody its way into your relationship with your doctor, if you are lucky enough to be able to afford to see one. If your doctor hasn’t retired by then.

That’s some of the wonderful basket of stuff that is known to be on the way, because it’s spelled out in the law. There’s a whole lot of other stuff that will come in that special Obama way of regulations — fiat by bureaucrat, more or less. That’s how we got the government forcing religious people and institutions to pay for abortifacients against their conscience.

Here’s one more kicker to brighten your day:

The government’s own projections say the cost of health-care administration — bureaucrats telling doctors and patients what to do — will soar from $29 billion when President Obama was first elected to $71 billion by 2020, some $40 billion dollars a year more in bureaucracy.

What a shame: That’s enough money to buy private health plans for fully half of all Americans who are now uninsured because they can’t afford it.

That amounts to smoking gun proof that ObamaCare was never really about health care. It was about fundamentally transforming the citizen’s relationship to the government. By that reckoning, it’s a fantastic success.

Way to go, 50.7%!