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And now, a message from Berkeley

Spotted on College Avenue, just a couple blocks from the University of California:

It’s always important to remember a key fact that is rarely discussed in polite company:

The Democratic Party is composed of two factions: Extreme leftists, like the ones who made this graffiti in Berkeley, who hate capitalism, hate America, and want to usher in a socialist revolution; and middle-of-the-road blue-collar Americans who only want the best for themselves but who have been tricked into making an alliance with radicals whose very goal is to destroy the fabric of middle-class society.

The great struggle of the last few decades is between, on one hand, radical strategists who strive to hide their true intent so they can deceive average Americans into facilitating the revolution; and on the other hand, conservative/libertarian strategists who realize that in order to overwhelmingly win every election all they need to do is expose the extremism and clever masquerade of the progressive “vanguard” leading flyover country voters astray.

And with that, we return to your regular programming.