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Top Dem: I Found a Nice Chunk of Ice Big Enough for All GOP Global Warming Deniers

The ranking member of the House Natural Resources Committee, crediting climate change for the disaster caused by Hurricane Sandy, noted that a chunk of ice broke off Greenland big enough “for all of the Republican deniers of climate change.”

“I don’t think there’s any question that this is related to climate change,” Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) said of the storm. “The oceans off of the Northeast coast are at historic highs in terms of temperature. So that’s additional heat that’s going into the system. That leads to actually higher seas, and that leads ultimately to the much greater harm, which can be done in New Jersey, and Connecticut, and New York City. So, there’s no question it’s related, and it’s intensifying.”

Markey noted that an iceberg twice the size of Manhattan that broke off Greenland earlier this year could be called “Denier Island” — “because there would be enough room on it for all of the Republican deniers of climate change.”

“This is intensifying and — and we just basically have to change course or else what we’re going to see — what we’re seeing here is going to be repeated over, and over, and over again. And this is $50 billion perhaps in damages,” he continued. “That’s an extreme weather tax that is going to have to be paid, rather than trying to avoid the worst consequences, which would be a much better pathway.”

Markey charged that while Americans are concerned about Mother Nature, Mitt Romney is “concerned about the Koch brothers.”

“There are no emergency rooms for planets,” he said. “We either engage in preventative care here and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that go up into the atmosphere, or we are going to see ever greater intensifying, catastrophic events in our country, and causing tremendous damage to the American people.”