A Nor'easter for Election Day?

As if Hurricane Sandy wasn’t throwing enough of a wrench into Nov. 6, the National Weather Service today predicted that a nor’easter could blow into the mid-Atlantic and New England on Election Day.


“It should be noted that this system is expected to be much weaker than Hurricane Sandy and produce impacts much less extreme and mainly away from the region most strongly impacted by Sandy,” the NWS said in a statement.

Mid-Atlantic and coastal New England could see high winds, beach erosion, and flooding, depending on what path the storm takes, and it could also bring heavy snow inland across New England.

The Weather Channel reported that forecast models are “coming into some agreement that a Nor’easter-type of snowfall event could develop,” but put the start on Wednesday.

The start date of a nor’easter could affect battlegrounds New Hampshire, Virginia, or maybe Pennsylvania, depending on the storm’s track.

“It is much too early to discuss details and we will need to keep a close eye on future forecasts to fine tune the evolution of this system,” wrote the channel’s meteorologists.


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