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Romney Takes Obama's 'War on Coal' to Pennsylvania's Airwaves

In 2008 Barack Obama clearly stated that he had a plan to drive energy prices high while bankrupting the coal industry. His EPA has followed through on that plan, but for the most part, the media has ignored Obama’s 2008 comment and steered clear of linking them to any EPA regulatory action. There’s a good chance that a majority of Pennsylvanians have never seen Obama’s comments at all. But starting today, the Romney campaign is putting Obama’s comments front and center in its new move to capture PA’s 20 electoral votes.

Obama’s comments show an arrogance and complete disregard for the livelihoods of Pennsylvania’s coal mining industry. They rip the mask off Obama as a uniting figure, showing that he intended from the start to use harsh policies that he knew would hurt millions of people and destroy jobs. Matched up with the insensitive comments by EPA regional head Curt Spalding, telling coal communities to just “go away,” this ad can help swing Pennsylvania into the Romney column.