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Winner of Obama Delivering The October Surprise -- Photo Caption Contest


Amazing! I ordered a caption contest and you all delivered some of the best ever, with extra toppings!

Seriously, all of you are winners this time.

BUT, I have selected a “best of the best” because it relates to that Foreign Policy Debate earlier in the week:

“Hey, I found out what happened to all the horses we don’t use in the military anymore.”

Submitted by Derth.  Congratulations Derth!!  Your entry was sick and perverted, thus accurately reflecting the future state of our nation if that Pizza Delivery Man wins a second term.

Now, if that unfortunate event does manage to occur, I would welcome you aboard the train bound for “re-education camp.”  You would be in good company with me and the rest of our contest winners. (However, Chris Henderson and cfbleachers would have a special assignment pushing the train.)

So on a lighter note, here are the other winners.

Starting off with our two “train pushers” Chris Henderson and cfbleachers.

“One pepperoni, one cheese, one arugula and one dog.”

That’s what happens when you use one of those Obama Phones to order a pizza!   Both by Chris Henderson

Then cfbleachers delivered and delivered and delivered….

Little Caesar at work, it’s not just a name, it’s an attitude.

I wanted Jerusalem artichoke toppings, but I can’t bring myself to utter the word Jerusalem.

Ok, let’s see…we have four pizzas here:

A) We have the microwaved cheese pizza with pinto beans, black beans, hard boiled eggs and cabbage…who ordered the Fast and Furious?

B) We have the pepper jack cheese with hot Italian sausage, jalapenos, red pepper flakes and tabasco that spontaneously bursts into flames …who ordered The Volt?

C) We have the sausage, pepperoni, ham, meatball, salami, veal, hamburger, all red meat all the time, who ordered The MSNBC?

D) And we have the uncooked dough, raw shrimp, unsifted flour, uncut tomatoes, dripping out of the unassembled box, who ordered the You Didn’t Build That?

Then later, cfbleachers threw in an extra pizza with these toppings:

Ok, we’ve got extra anchovies, herring, wild caught Chinook and flounder, this smells really fishy…who ordered The Benghazi Coverup?

Like I said — hope you enjoy pushing that train while the rest of us ride in comfort.

Continuing on now with more potential train passengers:

Don’t forget to tip, remember we have a 16,000,000,000,000.00 debt to pay for now.   Submitted by Scott

“Proof that I actually delivered on one of my promises.”  Submitted by Kat Von Clawswits

“These were left over from the Solyndra cafeteria. Who says we didn’t get anything for the stimulus money?” Submitted by Allan Crowson

Thanks to everyone who played along and see you all next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.