Please, Help Ken Timmerman to be Elected to Congress

Many readers of PJM may know me as the media watchdog who exposed French state television’s outrageous slander of the State of Israel in the Mohammad al-Dura blood-libel which triggered the second Intifada, was used by Bin Laden to incite violence against Jews prior to 9/11 and by the terrorists who beheaded Daniel Pearl to justify their heinous crime


I have toured America and the world to bring the truth about Western and Palestinian media fabrications. I have been humbled by the warm support many of you have given me.

Now I am issuing a call to action. If you care about America’s standing in the world, and if you care about Israel, I need you to support Ken Timmerman’s bid to unseat a left-wing Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives who has been beating up on Israel.

Ken Timmerman is running in Maryland’s 8th Congressional District against Democrat Rep. Chris Van Hollen.

In July 2006, Rep. Van Hollen wrote an angry letter to Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice, demanding that the United States put pressure on Israel to stop its “bombing campaign” against Lebanese civilians.

Just two days after he sent that letter, Ken Timmerman was in a bunker in Kiryat Shemona with Bibi Netanyahu, then the leader of the opposition in Israel, as Hezbollah rockets were crashing all around them. Ken knows that the only “bombing campaign” in the summer of 2006 was ordered by the Islamic Republic of Iran, carried out by Hezbollah, and its victims were Israeli civilians.

More recently, Rep. Van Hollen has taken up the cause of J Street, a left-leaning anti Zionist group funded by George Soros that seeks to put pressure on the government of Israel.

In March of this year, Israel’s deputy ambassador to Washington, Baruch Bina, pleaded with J Street not to lobby the U.S. government to put pressure on Israel. Despite that plea, J Street turned around and drafted a letter to President Obama  – that Chris Van Hollen signed – demanding that the United States pressure Israel to make unilateral concessions to the Palestinians, even though Israel still has no negotiating partner that accepts the existence of a Jewish state.


I urge you to support Ken Timmerman in every way you can. For those of you who live in Maryland’s 8th District, vote for Ken, volunteer for Ken, get involved  through his website,

For those of you who live elsewhere in the country, this letter is also a call to arms. Please consider making a financial contribution to Ken’s campaign.

Maryland’s 8th District has become competitive this year because of redistricting, so it is a swing seat. With your help, let’s send someone to Congress who has a proven track record of standing by Israel when the going gets tough. I ask you to help send Ken Timmerman to Congress.



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