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Official Obama Ad Compares Voting for Him to Losing One's Virginity. Unofficial Ad Calls Romney a Traitor

So this is where we are. An official Obama for President ad takes an actress known for shedding her clothes in a dreary cable series compares voting for Obama to “when you do it for the first time.” It’s a real bona fide Obama ad.

Hat tip to keder. I think. I wish I’d never watched that repulsive ad.

This stuff isn’t cute. Obama rammed through a law that violates the founding American principle of freedom of conscience. There is no “war on women,” but there is a war on Christian faith and traditional values, and Obama is leading that war.

Over in the edgier aspects of the campaign, out in the super PAC weeds that Obama once disavowed, the president’s super PAC is going nuclear with an ad that calls Mitt Romney a traitor.

In a new TV- and web-based messaging push, the labor super PAC Workers’ Voice and the Democratic Super PAC Patriot Majority slam Romney for a controversial Bain decision to move jobs at the company Sensata from Illinois to China. The move has spurred protests in Illinois, including from the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

The two groups will run TV commercials on the story in three markets: Youngstown, Ohio; Green Bay, Wis., and Pittsburgh. A strategist said the Pittsburgh ads are aimed at Ohio voters in the same market. Workers’ Voice and Patriot Majority will also run display ads, Facebook ads and search ads on Google and Bing.

The ads, which cost just under a million dollars, label Romney an “economic traitor” who built a company that now hurts U.S. workers.

This is a campaign that knows it is losing, and that it is also threatened by a major scandal that has grown far more important to the fate of the nation than Watergate ever was. As an emailer noted earlier, Nixon never imprisoned anyone while covering up Watergate. And no one died in that third-rate burglary.

Update: Team Obama is now borrowing bad ideas from Team Putin, huh. Makes sense. It’s pretty clear that this president and his staff have about the same opinion of America that Putin does.

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