Happy United Nations Day

President Obama ushered in United Nations Day this morning with a proclamation “celebrating the founding ideals laid down in its Charter and reaffirming the commitments to peace building, human rights, and social progress that will guide us in the years to come.”


The UN, which established its “day” in 1947, has recommended it be celebrated as a public holiday by all member states.

“Throughout its history, the United Nations Charter has reflected the belief that the world is more secure when the global community acts collectively. Dedicated to assuring ‘the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small,’ the institution has played an essential role in addressing the conditions that make the world more just and conflict less likely — caring for children, tending to the sick, and pursuing peace in places wracked by conflict,” Obama wrote.

“In today’s world, this mission remains as vital as it has ever been. Across the globe, people are making their voices heard. They are insisting on their innate dignity and the right to determine their future. The United States will always stand up for these aspirations at home and abroad, and we will join our global partners in working to realize them.”


Obama urged the governors of all states “to observe United Nations Day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

“Through the better part of a century, we have seen what is possible when a strong and united international community takes action to advance the interests and values we share,” he said. “The founding values of the United Nations remind us that countries can resolve their differences peacefully, and that all people deserve the chance to seek their own destiny, free from fear and empowered with their most fundamental rights.”


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