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Sununu: Foreign Policy is Obama's 'Sweet Spot' No Longer

Romney surrogate and former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu (R) said that the Obama campaign has been looking forward to tonight’s foreign policy debate because “the president thinks this is his sweet spot.”

“They negotiated this when he was still trying to tell us that terrorism has been quelled because he had just killed bin Laden and the whole process,” Sununu said on Fox today. “He thought he had the upper hand. Now, the public knows what a disaster his foreign policy has been.”

The former White House chief of staff under George H.W. Bush said the president could have an upper hand tonight “if he had taken all of his intelligence briefs and spent the last four years paying attention to it.”

“I’m just going along with all the stuff that’s been passed around the Obama campaign about how fantastic he is and how they still think he walks on water in spite of the fact that the terrorism around the world is rampant again and the U.S. has lost all its respect,” Sununu quipped.

He said Romney was knocked “off his pace” on his Libya answer last week by “Candy Crowley jumping in there.”

“And when the president deliberately lied about what happened in the Rose Garden, I think he was shocked that he president would lie in front of 70 million people,” Sununu added.

“Look, this administration turned a foreign policy failure, the disaster in Libya, into a character issue. All of the sudden, the American public is seeing this administration make up new stories almost on a daily basis trying to cover things,” he said. “This administration is leaking snippets — selected snippets of intelligence to try and cover the president’s butt. And, then, it both leaks and denies that it’s having talks with Iran. You know they’re finding this administration just can’t be trusted.”