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King to Obama: Who is This 'Intelligence Community' You're Blaming?

The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee charged that the Obama administration is hiding behind the undefined term “intelligence community” in deflecting blame for the Benghazi attack.

“I want a comprehensive timeline showing all the documents, all the cable traffic, all e-mails, all the conversations held leading up to September 11th, and what happened on September 11th, as to why they concluded this was caused by a pornographic video, and arose out of a demonstration when there was no demonstration, and in fact, the video had no impact. What information they got after that caused, which them to change their mind,” said Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) on Fox.

“They’re throwing out this term, ‘the intelligence community.’ I want to know who that is. I want to know — if there were mistakes made, I who made them? I want to find out why the president didn’t ask questions.”

The chairman said President Obama’s defense at the debate tonight will likely by “unacceptable.”

“It’s not just an amorphous group called the intelligence community,” King said. “For instance, the State Department itself had people on the scene in Benghazi that night. Did Susan Rice speak to them? Did the president find out what they saw that night?”

“Did he ask the State Department if they had any videos as to what occurred at the consulate that night? Did he ask, why after all these threats leading up to September 11th, talking about terror attacks, how could they now be saying, it was not a terror attack?” he continued.

“So, I think they’re hiding behind the term ‘intelligence community.’ To me it shows that the president did not look into what happened, he did not inquire into what happened. He was willing to look at something face value.”