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Winner of What is President Obama Thinking? - Photo Caption Contest

Now it is time to close out this week’s Great Debate(??) and announce the winners of our What is President Obama Thinking? – Photo Caption Contest.

Thanks to all who submitted entries.  Judging these contests are becoming increasingly difficult, which means you all are becoming more creative and more cynical about our Beloved Leader.

So without further ado, (whatever that means) it is time to announce the winners.

Unfortunately, our VIP judge,  Dr. Spin, called in from his private jet to inform he was too busy to judge our contest today. His spin was (get this) “working too hard helping a D-list celebrity get back up to the A- list from where she once ruled.”

But I forged ahead without him and went to “Judging Plan B.”

This is when I walk across the street to Dunkin’ Donuts and ask the old guys hanging around playing cards if they would like to be our replacement judges. They were delighted, so here are the winners.

Honorable Mentions:

“Move, Mitt! You’re blocking Candy’s hand signals!”  Submitted by GDI

Obama finds he can’t talk through his arse and sit on it at the same time. Submitted by Kimbly  (A former contest winner!)

If I concentrate I think I can make his head explode!  Submitted by Tim

I can hardly see the hidden teleprompter in the back row. Submitted by Sara Noble   (A former naughty contest winner!)

“Oh, so that’s what an intel briefing sounds like!”   

“Mitt, if you win this is how to deep bow to foreign dictators” Both submitted by cfbleachers (Our usual winner!)

The Grand Prize Winners were similar and thus a tie:

So that’s what presidential looks like.  Submitted by JED

So that’s what they mean by “look Presidential.” Submitted by rbj

The only thing that would have made the old guys at Dunkin’ smile more than judging this contest was if I had asked them to judge binders full of women.  Bad joke!

See you all next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.

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