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Kerry Says He Needs 'Exorcism' After Portraying Romney in Debate Prep

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), who has been playing Mitt Romney in President Obama’s debate prep, said yesterday that he’ll need some intervention after the last debate Monday.

“I think President Obama knew exactly what he needed to do. You didn’t need to tell him anything. He was ready to come in. But it’s been an interesting exercise. I’ve decided next Tuesday I’ve got to have an exorcism of Romney out of my being,” Kerry said on MSNBC.

“I’m not going to tell any trade secrets. I’m not going to talk about the process,” the senator said when needled for more details.

Kerry was quiet after the first (disastrous) debate, but seemed to relish his Mitt stand-in role with a series of tweets Tuesday evening:

“Tlkd 2 press @hofstra/got a question in french — could’ve answered as Mitt and stayed in character?”

“Reporter asked me if I’m glad Bobby V gone, if in-character, as Mitt mighta said, I love firing people.”

“4 petes sake/runnin 4 office can’t have illegals – oops sorry I was still in-character as Mitt.”

Yesterday, Kerry tweeted as “pretty funny” a picture of himself carrying a binder, with a photoshopped bubble that he was in character with a binder full of women.

Kerry called Romney’s performance at the debate “petulant.”

“He was characteristically expediently misleading,” he said on MSNBC. “Mitt Romney is perpetrating a — a fraud. On the American people. …I find it stunning. It’s to me disqualifying.”

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