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Jindal: Obama Went from 'Empty Chair' to 'Red Bull' POTUS

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) said President Obama went from “Clint Eastwood’s empty chair” to “the Red Bull caffeinated President Obama.”

“The reality is, I thought one of the most important questions last night was the voter who said, ‘Mr. President, I voted for you last time, why should I vote for you this time?'” Jindal said on MSNBC this morning.

“One of the things that I thought was striking was, you didn’t hear the president talk at all about the next term, his vision for the next four years. Not one word about what he’s going to do. What are his domestic priorities?” the governor said. “It was really striking to me. You know, here four years ago it was the candidate talked about hope and change. And now he was really saying, I know things are tough, but we’re doing our best.”

Jindal said “structural changes” are needed in Washington, not just a matter of electing good people.

“Obviously I’ve got candidates I support, and I hope they get elected. But, look, let’s be honest, when Republicans were in charge, they — their spending was bad. Under President Bush, the deficits were bad. They’ve gotten worse under President Obama. I think we need structural changes. At the state level, we’re required to balance our budget. At the state level, super majority before you can raise taxes,” he said.

“At the state level, you can’t grow government spending faster than the economy and population without a super majority. At the state level, at least in Louisiana, you’ve got constitutional restrictions on bonding out future revenues, and playing games. I think just electing — I think every few years we get the guys that say, ‘Hey, vote for me and everything will be better.’ They go, they become part of the problem, so I think we need structural changes.”

Of Obama: “Fewer people working that when he took office. He promised us he’d get this economy turned around, 23 million unemployed, underemployed Americans. He promises he’d cut the deficit in half. Instead he’s borrowed over a trillion dollars every year. He said $10 trillion four years ago was ‘unpatriotic’ in borrowing. He said he was going to cut health care premiums $2,500.00. He’s actually — health care premiums have gone up almost $2,500.00. So I think there is a track record,” Jindal said.

“Can we draft him in? Can he do the third debate for Mitt Romney?” host Joe Scarborough said of Jindal. “…There are so many great points to be made. Bobby Jindal just made them.”