Hillary Dodges Question on Benghazi Talking Points, Aims Back at Susan Rice

Around and around the Benghazi buck goes, where it stops, nobody knows.

In an interview with Margaret Brennan on CBS, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to say where U.N. ambassador Susan Rice got her talking points in response to the attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya.

“Who briefed Ambassador Rice that day? Did you sign off on that briefing and those speaking points?” asked Brennan.

“You would have to ask her,” Clinton replied, admitting that she did not speak to Rice before her media appearances.


The reporter’s question allowed Clinton to steal a base. Rice was far from alone in blaming the YouTube.

Rice went on five Sunday talk shows to blame the YouTube movie, but Clinton’s State Department spent $70,000 on ads in Pakistan to also blame the movie. Who made the decision to produce and pay for those ads?



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