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SecState Clinton Emerges, Gives Oddly Optimistic Speech on the Middle East

After Islamists have taken over Egypt, after al Qaeda raised its bloody head again and killed a US ambassador in the field, Hillary Clinton is keeping hope alive.

“Throughout all of this we must not only focus on the headlines. We have to keep in mind the trend lines,” Clinton said. “It is important to look at the full picture, to weigh the violent acts of a small number of extremists against the aspirations and actions of the region’s people and governments. That broader view supports rather than discredits the promise of the Arab revolutions.”

Here’s a headline: Four Americans Killed in Libya Sacking, American Secretary of State Blames a Film. Clinton did that repeatedly, you know.

Here’s a trend line: When given the chance to vote, Egyptians followed their Gazan brethren’s example and voted for the most Islamist alternative. Have you noticed this trend line, Madame Secretary?

Riddle me this, Madame Secretary: If the totality of the region is so peachy and keen, why then can a silly YouTube movie be turned into a deadly weapon by the mullah on the corner? How does that work?

Does not the fact that a YouTube or an obscure Florida preacher threatening to burn a Koran in his back yard can suddenly spark deadly riots across the world say something about the culture that you extol?

Secretary Clinton gave the speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies today. She also said this:

The United States cannot guarantee “perfect security” for its diplomats and still expect them to do their jobs, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Friday.

“We will never prevent every act of violence or terrorism, or achieve perfect security,” Clinton said. “Our people cannot live in bunkers and do their jobs.”

No one is suggesting that they can. Many are suggesting that security at the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya was inadequate. They base that claim on two key facts: Security officers on the ground requested more security; and four Americans died when terrorists attacked that consulate on 9-11-12. I’d say they have the upper hand on the facts. But they’re not asking for America’s diplomatic corps to be moved to bunkers. They are asking what you knew about the situation in Benghazi and when you knew it, Madame Secretary.

Clinton also said:

“But it is our solemn responsibility to constantly improve to reduce the risks our people face, and make sure they have the resources they need to do those jobs we expect from them.”

Did you fulfill that responsibility, Madame Secretary?

The “transition to democracy” has turned Egypt from a strong ally at peace with Israel to an unreliable regional power with Islamist tendencies. Whatever Egypt has become and will become, America’s interests have taken a giant step backward.

But Hillary Clinton wants to borrow more money from China to make more Egypts.

[S]he again urged Congress to pass the administration’s request for a $770 million incentive fund to help democratic transitions in the Middle East and North Africa.

“I again urge Congress to move forward on this priority,” she said.

How about we do a damage assessment on your current policies first?

Clinton also ripped on Republicans.

Clinton took an indirect dig at the Romney campaign and congressional Republicans who have attacked the administration’s shifting account of the attack in Benghazi, saying “we cannot sacrifice accuracy to speed.”

That justifies selling a lie to the American people for two solid weeks, Madame Secretary? Is that what you’re going with?

Or are you going to keep playing dumb like your lackeys?