Obama Surrogate: Big Bird Ad Raised 'Important Point,' and He's Right!

The Obama campaign’s Big Bird ad didn’t intentionally raise any important point at all, but Robert Gibbs has a hand to play, and by gum, he’s gonna play it.


Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs on Wednesday defended an ad using Sesame Street character Big Bird to attack GOP candidate Mitt Romney, saying it raised an “important point.”

“The ad and the president have an important point on this,” said Gibbs on NBC’s “Today” show. “Mitt Romney in Wednesday’s debate said ‘I’m going to get tough by getting ‘Downton Abbey’ and going to war with ‘Sesame Street’ when he’s going to let Wall Street off the hook and not hold them accountable as we go on financial reform.”

Question: If reform is really so important, why wasn’t Jon Corzine in that ad? Why is he escaping any charges for his role in the disappearance of about a billion dollars at MF Global? Why is Corzine still an Obama bundler?

Could it be because this “reform” mantra is just a smokescreen to politicize more and more of the private sector?

The Big Bird ad did accidentally raise an important point, but it’s not a point that the Obama camp wanted to raise. That point is that the Obama administration has drawn a clear line on spending: Big Bird should keep every taxpayer penny despite the fact that he’s a multimillionaire working on a safe fictitious street, while the US consulate in Benghazi got penny-pinched on security to the point that it was vulnerable to a sacking that left four Americans dead. Obama is evidently fine slashing Defense to the point that his own secdef says our security will be endangered, but he’ll go all in to keep PBS bureaucrats raking in huge six-figure salaries. Thanks for clearing that up.


I think that that’s a pretty important point. Maybe it will come up in Thursday’s vice presidential debate.


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