Report: Obama Campaign's Illinois Director Threatens NAACP Leader

The NAACP director has filed a police report after the incident.

David Lowery says he believes he was threatened during a phone conversation with Louis Raymond, the Illinois political director for Obama for America.

Lowery says he doesn’t personally support the president because he’s not addressing issues important to the black community. He said he was explaining that to Raymond when the Obama campaign official told him, “You know what? I know everything about you.”
Lowery says Raymond added, “We’ve been watching you, and since you don’t support Obama, we’ll deal with you,” before hanging up.


Lowery is the president of the South Suburban Branch of the NAACP in Chicago. Though the NAACP has often come out against Republican candidates, it is allegedly non-partisan. The Obama camp apparently wants the group to violate that status this year.

[Lowery] says it was suggested the NAACP should automatically back the president. Lowery notes a non-profit cannot support a particular candidate.

He says it’s a clear signal the Obama campaign is concerned about the black vote.

Lowery hosts an internet radio program called “Let the Truth Be Told,” where he’s made no secret of his displeasure with the president.

The fact that the Obama campaign is going after the host of an Internet radio program at all is significant. How worried may they be about what ought to be a slam-dunk vote for them?

For their part, the Obama camp chalks the alleged threat up to a “miscommunication.”


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