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LAPD Chief Decides He Makes Federal Immigration Rules

Perhaps he thinks they’re merely suggestions.

Police Chief Charlie Beck announced LAPD will limit the types of crimes for which the department will honor Immigration and Customs Enforcement “detainer” requests for undocumented immigrants.

Under a new policy announced Thursday, the LAPD will not honor federal requests to detain illegal immigrants arrested for public nuisance offenses or low-grade misdemeanors.

When the citizens of Arizona decided to pass a law to enforce federal immigration laws that were being ignored by our “protectors” in Washington, they were greeted with a legal crackdown from the Department of Justice. Now a police chief decides he should not fully comply with the feds there is no outcry from those same protectors.

Speaking as a legal citizen of the United States (which, for the moment, I still have a right to do), it seems that the illegal immigration mess in this country would be slightly less messy if the laws already on the books were paid attention to every once in a while.

The video below has a brief response from yours truly (a Los Angeles resident) to Chief Beck’s announcement.