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The Myth of the Punahou Kid...

… ended last night with the beating that Mitt Romney gave President Primo Carnera, the “Ambling Alp” who won a series of fixed fights until Owney Madden and his other gangster owners tired of him, put him in the ring against Max Baer and watched him get the tar whaled out of him. For the first time, America saw the real Barack Obama — a man of middling intellect and poor extemporaneous public speaking skills who is lost without his teleprompter, unable to think effectively on his feet and annoyed at the slightest criticism. In other words, a typical Punahou School grad who spent too much time goofing off and riding the Choom Wagon.

So, in case you missed the debate last night, here’s the highlight reel. Obama’s the guy who keeps landing on the canvas. Enjoy:





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