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Obama Campaign Spokeswoman: 'I Think Mitt Romney Failed'

Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki told CNN that she doesn’t think “the American people make a judgment on who they’re going to vote for by an instant poll coming out of a debate.”

“They’re not looking for an attacker in chief, which is what Mitt Romney was last night. They’re looking for a commander in chief,” she said.

A CNN poll found 67 percent believe Romney won the debate, compared to 25 percent for President Obama.

Winning didn’t necessarily mean liking: Forty-six percent said they found Romney more likable, compared with 45 percent for Obama.

Branding her boss’ performance as “calm,” Psaki said Obama didn’t hit on the 47 percent, Bain, or other expected hit points because “the president didn’t go into the debate last night with a checklist of attack lines that he wanted to deliver on.”

“I think Mitt Romney failed. He got an F for delivery of facts,” she said. “I mean, think, you know, he was time and time again misleading the American people. I think when we go back through the transcript of last night, that’s going to be a take away as well.”