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Maryland Governor: Obama Practiced 'Dignified Reserve'

The chairman of the Democratic Governors Association called President Obama last night and lauded the commander in chief on his “dignified reserve” in the presidential debate.

“People can criticize one performance or another, but I do believe, over the long-term, the president is well-served by that dignified, command reserve,” Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd this morning.

“I think we have 36 days to continue to make the case. I believe that a very case has been made up until this point that our better future is ahead of us. It’s not behind us,” he said. “And whatever the stylist points, I do believe that one of the things that was very clear last night was these candidates differ fundamentally in their approach to how to make our economy grow and expand opportunity for the middle class.”

O’Malley claimed that the philosophy of Obama is “much more in keeping with our parents, grandparents, not to mention President Clinton.”

“I mean, look, let’s be honest here. A lot of members of the base — a lot of people in the Democratic Party base really wanted to see the president go out and poke him in the eye and tear off his face. And that’s not the kind of guy he is,” the governor said.