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Rick Scott to Romney: Just Follow My 2010 Strategy to Win Florida

Florida Gov. Rick Scott said that Mitt Romney winning the swing state requires a strategy no different than the Republican governor’s own win there.

“I think the race is going to come down to one thing. If Governor Romney explains that his plan to get jobs going — it is no different than my race in 2010,” Scott said on Fox yesterday. “All I talked about was what I was going to do to turn the economy around. And it worked. Unemployment has dropped faster than any other state, down 2.3 percent.”

If Romney “talks about jobs, he will win Florida,” Scott confidently predicted, but warned that “if he gets distracted, it will be tough.”

Scott won his race over Democrat Alex Sink by just 1.15 percent two years ago.

“I think it is incumbent upon Governor Romney to talk more about what he is going to do on jobs,” he continued. “Whatever the issue is, if you talk to the — I go out all the time and listen to the people around the state. And it’s two things in our state. They want their child to get a great education because you carry about the American dream for your child. And, two, you want a job or keep your job, get a job, it`s all about those two issues.”

“So, at the presidency, what Governor Romney ought to be talking about, every sentence is about, here are my three steps, five steps, seven steps to turn this economy around.”

Whoever wins the White House, though, “I am hopeful for American families that they will reduce taxes,” Scott added.