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CNN Reports: The Obama Administration is Covering Something Up in Libya

CNN’s Erin Burnett reports that the Obama administration distributed talking points on the Benghazi attack to key administration officials and members of Congress. But those talking points left three major and relevant facts on the cutting room floor.

CNN does a commendable job with this report (though a proofreader would have been a bonus), but if you want to find the video on the network’s website, good luck. It’s there, but nowhere near the front page. You have to click on Shows, then scroll way down to the section for Burnett’s show, Out Front. If you happen to Google “cnn out front” you’ll get there quicker, but how many people do that?

Shouldn’t a story about an ongoing cover-up that reaches up to the highest levels of the US government get prominent play on the front page of the Cable News Network? It’s kind of a big deal, right?