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Cheap Shot: Obama Campaign Uses Woman with Down Syndrome Against Romney Despite Obama's Past Mocking of the Special Olympics

Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” remarks provided the Obama campaign with a wealth of opportunities, but the Obama team keeps using those remarks to reveal their own base nature. Last week the Obama campaign used US troops in combat zones as props to attack Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” remarks. This week, they’re circulating a letter said to have been written by an Obama supporter who suffers from Down Syndrome to attack those remarks again.

The Obama-Biden campaign’s web page featured a “letter of the week” from a 25-year-old woman who wrote that “I am one of the 47% of Americans who fall under Mitt Romney’s definition of ‘entitled’ and ‘unable to take responsibility for my life.’ I have Down syndrome.”

The letter comes on the heel of the campaign’s TV ad playing in battleground states that uses the audio of Romney dismissing efforts to win over 47 percent of voters dedicated to Obama because they receive some kind of government assistance. While the Romney campaign said the context is about the election and not how he will approach the nation as president, the Obama campaign has made the case that Romney won’t look out for those who need help.

Enter “Brittany” and her letter. In it, she said that she is a registered Democrat, and on assistance, which she said makes her part of Obama’s 47 percent.

“My mother applied for Social Security’s Supplemental Security Income program (SSI) for me when I was 19. I really want to make lots of money and have a hot tub someday, but SSI subtracts my paychecks from my SSI benefits, so I don’t have much to put into a savings account,” she wrote.

And so forth.

President Obama isn’t always sensitive about people like Brittany. In a 2009 appearance on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, President Obama mocked the Special Olympics.

Appearing on the late night talk show, the president compared his skills at bowling to those of a handicapped athlete.

Asked by Mr Leno, who hosts the show, if he had been practicing bowling in his Washington office, Mr Obama joked that his highest score was the extremely low total of 129.

“That’s very good, Mr President,” Mr Leno interjected in a sarcastic tone.

Mr Obama then countered that the score was “like the Special Olympics or something”.

Obama’s failure to rack up a good bowling score turned up in a New York Times report this year. It turns out that Obama has spent many hours in the White House bowling alley trying to improve his game, even while the economy remains stuck in the ditch under his watch and he has not been meeting with his jobs council.