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A'jad's NY Meeting of Ideological Mob Bosses

Left to right: One Rev. Dr. Elyas D. Mallon, Louis Farrakhan, Iranian regime's UN Rep. Mohammad Khazaei, A'jad, A'jad's bossom buddy Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei (who has had so many jobs in the cabinet, it's hard to keep up with what his title is now!), Former US Attorney General under Lyndon Johnson and defender of all murderers and fascists, Ramsey Clark, A mullah I have not yet identified, a non-Iranian man I have also not as of yet identified and finally, the A'jad's foreign minister, Salehi.

It’s a scene out of the Simpsons: A boardroom meeting of all the show’s meanies and bloodsuckers, with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the role of Montgomery Plantagenet Shicklegruber Burns.

As you see in Ahmadinejad’s own pwesidential website, the photos and the article about this meeting of the mob-minds, shows a room full of reporters, yet I don’t recall seeing any of these photos in the major international media outlets.  Gateway Pundit and Daily Caller wrote about it but nothing much else was reported. Isn’t this newsworthy stuff?!

Anyhow, glad Mr. Ahmadinejad deemed it necessary to boast about this event and offer us these clear photos. I will underline one little point though: notice how the names of his esteemed panel members are not included in the item. Search for yourself, you will not see the names of a single one of the panelists mentioned.

Agenda for this show of complicity, you ask? A new world order overseen by none other than the Iranian regime. Let’s face it, that regime has bolstered plenty of thugs; case in point, the Muslim Brotherhood. If it wasn’t for the Khomeinists throwing wads of cash at them in the early years of the revolution, the MB would have probably been nothing more than a flash in the pan. It was that regime’s bolstering of the MB that afforded them such longevity. Anyhow, I digress.