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[VIDEO] New Broken Down and Properly Explained Version of the Video of the Incident Surrounding Ahmadinejad's Spokesman

In the last few days some shameful media outlets (Reuters for one) have decided to take the lies of the Iranian regime and propagandize the situation, as always, by claiming that it was in fact the MEK that chased after Ramin Mehmanparast in NY, on Wednesday. As you will see, the video explains that there were many people, the ones with the gold-yellow balloons and vests were indeed MEK but there were 3 of them; the rest were average Iranians who were at the rally and who felt the need to give this monster a taste of his own medicine.

I have received a few emails and seen on Facebook comments, arguments that this was unacceptable and that it should never have happened. With all due respect to those critics who have the right to their opinions and whose right I respect, if they do not agree, they do not have to either promote the videos or participate in any such incident but allow others to express themselves. Nothing violent happened and the man got a real taste of the horror that the regime he chooses to work for, inflicts on people in Iran and elsewhere around the world, on a daily, no hourly basis. Iranians have fought valiantly and have never so much as allowed a single guard on the street to be harmed, so fairness and proportionality when weighing the circumstances, would be greatly appreciated and apropos.