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King Abdullah on Daily Show: 'Terribly Insulted,' but 'Refused to Watch' Video

President Obama may have carved out time for The View in his trip to New York, but Jordan’s King Abdullah II found time on his United Nations trip to guest on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.


After host Jon Stewart quipped that Obama was very busy with strategic meetings with “Whoopi Goldbergstan,” Abdullah said he’d heard this — but hadn’t heard grumbling from other world leaders that Obama wasn’t sticking around to sit down with them.

“I mean, I think everybody’s there preparing for their speeches and inside meetings with other leaders. That wasn’t an issue, no,” he said.

The monarch commented on the crux of Obama’s UN speech, the anti-Muhammad video trailer.

“Obviously, I’m a direct descendent of the prophet so I’m — I’m — I’m terribly insulted by the video. And I refused to watch it because obviously, the whole point of the video was to create this reaction that unfortunately happened,” Abdullah said.

“But at the same time, I’m completely against that type of reaction. I mean, you know, you do not take innocent lives into your own hands. So, unfortunately, the person that was behind this got away with exactly what he was trying to do, and we have this chaos throughout the Middle East as a result.”


“Unfortunately, there’s a lot of people in our part of the world that are just waiting for an excuse to leap on to this,” the king continued. “So there’s — there’s — there are different elements that are just trying to feed off of each other, extremists on either side that sort of in a way sort of live off each other.”

It wasn’t the first time King Abdullah has done American TV – though he was limited in this role by his lack of a SAG card:

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