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The Obvious and the Stupid

So Mitt Romney said something perfectly innocuous and obvious, and the mainstream media pretends that it’s just the most damagingest thing to ever have been said by any politician ever.

Apparently the likes of Mark Halperin doesn’t remember “You didn’t build that!” or “bitter clingers” or any of the other stupid things that Barack Obama has said that ought to have killed off his political career. People like Mark Halperin are part of the reason that Obama remains viable to this day. His screw-ups aren’t treated as screw-ups.

But Halperin is right in one sense, I guess. As long as the media is so blatantly dishonest and one-sided in its mishandling of our politics, anything Romney says is automatically far more damaging to him than anything Obama says or does. Whether Romney is right or wrong.

For instance: We now know that the Obama administration had 72 hours notice on the attacks in Libya and Cairo and that it failed to prepare. Its failure has left four Americans dead and Obama’s MidEast policy in ruins. But Romney pointing out the president’s lack of leadership last week has damaged him no end, we’re told, while Obama’s deadly incompetence isn’t even a problem.

As for what Romney said, haven’t the Democrats been banking their hopes on the rise of the Hispanic vote? Don’t they publicly say, all the time, that the time of the white man is over and that the Latino vote will hand them permanent majorities until the end of time? They certainly say that here in Texas. They have been pining for the Hispanic vote to deliver Texas to them for a generation.

So Romney agreed that if he had a Hispanic background he would have an easier time defeating Obama in an environment in which the medialeft are race obsessed.

Obvious is obvious.

And stupid is stupid.

I’ll leave it to the readers which of those describes the media best.