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Eric Holder and Associated Press ID anonymous filmmaker; intentional "outing" puts crosshairs on him. Retaliation for free speech?

This is beyond outrageous:

US Identifies Anti-Muslim Filmmaker Blamed for Attacks

I will not quote the article because I disagree with its very premise: To name, expose and endanger the life of the man who made the anti-Mohammed film. I am only linking to it to note that the Associated Press and Eric Holder (through a “leak”) are purposely trying to get this guy killed.

Making the film was no crime. Apparently he does have leftover charges relating to a previous check-kiting scheme, but that is unrelated to this film/riot/crisis. And using that as the pretext, our government and media are flagrantly engaging in “the politics of personal destruction,” splashing this guy’s name across the Internet, despite his best attempts to remain anonymous, so that he will either succumb to or have to spend the rest of his life fleeing from Islamic terror squads.

This is the kind of thing that goes on under totalitarian regimes.