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'We've Heard It All Before'

One thing you can say about Barack Obama, is that he really believes in recycling. This RNC video shows just how much recycling he believes in, taking snippets from speeches he delivered four years ago and matching them up with his DNC speech last week.

The theme that the RNC pulled on is that Obama never claimed that his ideas would be easy to implement or that they would take effect quickly. Turns out he was wrong on both counts. He has found it easy to get his stimulus and ObamaCare passed when he had huge majorities, and it has been mostly easy for him to scuttle the XL Pipeline and drop a heavy regulatory hand on the coal industry. The effects have come swiftly: Small business won’t hire anyone thanks to ObamaCare, the stimulus has helped drive the debt to an unsustainable level, and his actions on energy have helped force prices higher across the board while bankrupting the coal industry.

That’s a lot of accomplishments in just four years.

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