Paul: 'Everybody Booing God' a Difficult Image for Dems to Overcome

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said he believes that booing heard in the hall at the Democratic National Convention after God and Jerusalem were inserted back into the party platform could be difficult for Dems to overcome.


“I think images are worth a thousand words. And I think one of the bad images they have to overcome is the image of everybody booing God, and that didn’t look so good,” Paul said this morning on CBS. “You know, when God was in the platform, out of the platform, and then when they were putting God back in, they had three votes and there was a lot of booing going on. I think that image is one that you’ll see again and again, and it’s hard for them to overcome that.”

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, serving as convention chairman, eventually called it a two-thirds victory by voice vote even though equally loud shouts were heard on both sides of the amendments.

Paul said even though the negative image would linger, he wasn’t sure if it was enough to sway the election.

“You don’t know what people make their decision on. It’s not a real substantive issue. And I think it’s making something that really isn’t a real issue, necessarily. But, just the images of people really yelling and booing over putting God back in the platform, I think it’s a difficult image for them to overcome,” he said.


Regarding the GOP’s chances, the senator said it didn’t help that as party they’re “behind the eight-ball to begin with.”

“We’re not winning the west coast. We’re not winning New England,” Paul said. “Maybe we need to embrace more Ron Paul Republicans, more Libertarian Republicans.”

Still, the senior Paul isn’t endorsing Mitt Romney as his son has done.

“Well, it makes it kind of contentious at Thanksgiving, but so far they still are letting me eat at the adult table,” the senator quipped.


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