'This is the moment that probably re-elected Barack Obama...'?

That bit of political hyperbole comes to us via former GOP political media guru Alex Castellanos.

GOP strategist and CNN pundit Alex Castellanos said that Clinton’s speech tilted the scale. “Tonight when everybody leaves, lock the door. You don’t have to come back tomorrow. This convention is done. This will be the moment that probably re-elected Barack Obama,” he said.

I’m willing to bet you dollars to Navy beans that more people watched the Giants-Cowboys game than tuned in for the entire, interminable Clinton speech. Sheesh – what a gasbag.

Actually, for a Clinton speech, it wasn’t that bad. But Clinton’s strength as a communicator does not lie in these massive, set-piece addresses, but rather in smaller, more personal settings where his famous “empathy” is used to perfection.The idea that Clinton significantly moved the herd toward Obama is nonsense.

Castellanos now runs a bi-partisan consulting firm, Purple Strategies. Perhaps he’s angling for a job with a second term Obama administration, or is hoping that Democrats throw a little more business his way.

But given his political judgment, it’s a wonder he has any clients at all.



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