Breaking News: Bill Clinton Is Not On The Ballot In November

This fact may come as a shock to those who still have tingles up and down their legs from Bill Clinton’s DNC speech last evening, but someone has to show some bravery by breaking this news to Democrats and mainstream media pundits.


In fact, facts themselves are inconvenient and rare at the DNC this week.

Facts like the 8.3% unemployment rate, or the $16 trillion national debt milestone that was reached without acknowledgment by any DNC speaker at the beginning of this week’s convention.

Facing the fact that no one with the last name of Clinton is going to be on the ballot November 6th is itself a cruel dose of reality for the Democrat faithful.

But all you Bubba cheering Democrats had your chance in 2008 and you rejected his wife as she made a strong case as to why she was more qualified to occupy the Oval Office than an inexperienced freshman senator.

I really hate to mention this but because you all rejected Senator Clinton as your nominee, you rejected President Clinton too.

That Big Dog you applauded last night could have been sitting on the couch in the Oval Office while Hillary was behind the desk. But let’s face it — you all were too enthralled by hope and change rather than experience and qualifications.

So now Hillary is hiding out in some foreign country at the same time her husband is trying to convince everyone who watched, that by voting for President Obama again you are really voting for both Clintons.


Seriously people get real!  Neither Bill nor Hillary nor George W. Bush is on the ballot in November and after listening to the Democrats this week it is obvious that these most inconvenient facts need to be spelled out on the Time Warner Arena jumbo-trons.

Instead you are faced with an incumbent president, who, after the 2010 midterm election defeat, did not know the phone number of House Minority Leader John Boehner, who was to be the next Speaker of the House.

That is a newly revealed inconvenient fact Democrats will just ignore but perhaps undecided independents will re-think the ‘blame Republicans” mantra when they only see President Obama’s name on the ballot.

But wait, perhaps Team Obama will arrange to have Bill or Hillary Clinton’s name printed with invisible ink and have that count as a vote for President Obama.

That is what I would call The Chicago Way.




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