So Which Were the Democrats Booing -- God, or Israel? (Updated)

This video that Bridget posted earlier may turn out to be the moment of the DNC. The party’s platform omitted any reference to God, and omitted noting that Jerusalem was and should remain the capital of Israel. Both were part of the party’s 2008 platform, but were omitted this year.


An observant person might note that both omissions represent significant shifts for the Democratic party over the course of Barack Obama’s four years at the helm. On the God question, he has not attended church more than once or twice in his presidency. His position on Israel’s capital is officially agnostic. Recall, Obama’s own spokesman could not answer the question regarding Israel’s capital just a few weeks ago.

The platform committee duly altered the platform to reflect Obama’s positions, as his own campaign spokeswoman said would happen.

Those two platform changes stirred up a hornet’s nest this week, culminating in today’s fake vote to fix the problems. You may have already seen the video, but watch it again. Note that as they have done in past close elections, the Democrats simply continue counting until they get their desired result, and then they stop counting and declare victory. That’s also how they operate their Texas primary/caucus, but never mind that. Note also the boos.

The delegates could be booing the process, and who could blame them? But the anger evident in the “no” votes hints that they’re not just booing the process or Mayor Villaraigosa, who engineered this particular railroad. They’re booing the outcome. They didn’t want any mention of God added, and they didn’t want to acknowledge that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.


An observant person might conclude that Obama’s Democratic Party is now in the thrall of haters — people who hate God and people who hate Israel. That’s certainly where Drudge took his headline.

Barack Obama has never been a mainstream figure. His politics are of the Frank Marshall Davis, Midwest Academy, far left variety. There runs on the far left a strong strain both of statist anti-religious sentiment and anti-Semitism, and a very strong hatred of Israel.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans still support Israel. More than 9 in 10 Americans believe in God. This week the Democratic Party’s convention delegates, acting to make their platform sound more like Obama, degraded the alliance with Israel and scrubbed God out of their platform.

An observant person might conclude that Obama has led the Democratic party right out of the American mainstream. But we’ll never hear any mainstream media figure even entertain that possibility.

Update: CNN’s John King calls the whole debacle “Keystone Cops.”


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